Dear media,

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I want to believe – that’s what my idol Mulder from the X-files stood for. He wanted to believe in extraterrestial life and paranormal phenomena. Well, I have to say, I sometimes feel the same way when I read, watch or hear the news. I really wanna but sometimes I just can’t.

I always was a person who had faith in things which I could see or touch or hear, which I really could experience. I know that’s not always the best, but it’s my way. I often romanticized with all the different world religions. It’s just nice to have things to hold on too, to be routed in a community and to know that there is a sense to life, even if it’s just to serve this or that god or those other beeings or at the least your human counterparts. But it just didn’t feel right and I couldn’t pick out a religion for me. So I stand and rest in me.

I studied Social Science – which also includes Political Science – and came to know how important it is for the people to be informed. I learned of the media as the Fourth Estate and their major role for the separation of powers in a state. And I deemed this concept right. But in the last years I have to ask myself if journalism is still a power or a puppet. In 1997 the movie Wag the Dog outlines the dilemma pretty well. Politicians who cover up embarrassing and their power endangering vanities with an array of show and fireworks. Media who take the bone gladly because it’s easy. And at last the people who believe it.

What is the government trying to do with all this concealing and covering up? Why isn’t there a clever journalist who still asks probing questions? Why don’t the people demand answers? We have seen it lots of times, at last in Japan over the nuclear catastrophe. And who really tells me that Osama bin Laden is dead. They had to kill him and then they had to throw his body in the ocean. I don’t know, it just sounds cheesy to me. And then there comes Obama, the one American president, which I have great respect in and which I’d like to trust. But even this man, he also has a role to play and sometimes it acquires him to lie. And the media is making the usual fuss. But I so deeply want to believe.

However, there still are some crusaders in the world who find the truth, Michael Moore is a pretty famous one for example. And I really love to watch The Colbert Report and The Daily Show. Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart understand it to display the truth ironically. I wish I could do more too. But I’m the same as most of us: extremely busy. I don’t have the time to get to the bottom and really know the truth on everything. And I don’t want to hear alien stories in real life, that is just a hobby. We all need the media. We need them to be true, honest and not tainted by business, parties and other lobbies. So please, dear media, this is my own personal wish to you, become once again the Fourth Estate and play your true role in the Game of States.


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