Dear George R. R. Martin,

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Today, Amazon made me really happy:


there is a new date of appearance for your order from March 27th 2009. The product below will be sent to you earlier than expected.

George R. R. Martin „A Dance with Dragons: Book 5 of A Song of Ice and Fire /Song of Ice & Fire 5)“
Previous date of delivery: November 3rd 2011 – November 7th 2011
New date of delivery: July 15th 2011 – July 18th 2011

Of course, I immediately had to check your site and what see my unbelieving eyes:

Update – A Song of Ice and Fire

A Dance of Dragons done. Woohoooooo! So it is true and not like the last ten (might be a little exaggerated) updates from Amazon since – hm, let me see – 2009, which told me that the book is being delivered in a few months. And I’m waiting since 2005, where book four was released, for you to continue the saga. I kind of lost all hopes, when HBO announced that they start shooting a series about the saga. My thoughts were that you would be to busy with helping with the series and other book projects that you would never be able to finish the books. It somewhat spoiled the thought of a visual realisation for me because I’m so eager to hear the end of the story.

And then I watched the first three episodes of the series which is really good btw, great casting and scenery. And it got me fired up with the story again. I like the idea that each season is telling the story of one book of the saga. But since there now are four books out and three more to go you must be in a little time pressure to finish all books. I got even more eager for you to finish the fifth book and of course the other two that are planned. Thankfully your attention finally got back to the books.

I’m a huge fan of the saga A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s such a surprising and subtle fantastic saga with a lot of strong characters. You always get your readers tied in and show the story out of totally different perspectives. Because each chapter is written out of the view of another character, you get to hate one character in one chapter and then there’s a chapter out of his perspective. At first I thought, oh no, I will not enjoy to read this view. But in the contrary, one get’s to understand each view quite good. Every protagonist has its good and bad sides. A friend brought to me the idea that this fantasy saga is more like an anime which I like so much especially because of the versatility of its characters.

I fell in love with this story of everything which makes us human: glory and dangers, nobility and envy, war and love, charity and jealousy, … – in short good and bad.

I hope you will keep on writing and can finish the story. I know you have a huge load of fans and they would all agree. Pretty pretty pretty please, dear George R. R. Martin, tell us A Song of Ice and Fire to the end!


a big big fan


PS: The picture in the thumbnail was found on Flickr © by Frederik Vandaele under the Creative Commons Licence CC-BY.

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