Dear Chanel, Dior, L’Oréal, …

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Dear Chanel, Dior, L’Oréal, Lancôme, Maybelline…
oh why just speak to some…
Dear cosmetic industry,

if there is one thing a woman definitely would wish for, it would be the instant make-up box as seen in the movie „The Fifth Element„. It’s an awesome movie btw.

When LeeLoo finds Father Vito Cornelius after escaping in the beginning she also finds a box in his apartment, lifts it to her eyes and boom, there goes the eye make-up. From mascara to eye shadow to eyelid line, perfect. Here is a video of LeeLo with the box, please don’t mind the bad quality and chinese subtitles.

For women there is always the issue to have to look good. There are some of us who set no great store to make-up but the bigger part wants to… underline our beauty in this way, some with little some with much effort. And lots of women are taking much time in the morning in front of the bathroom mirror for this effort. I, for instance, don’t take much effort but it takes up ten minutes anyway. And I’d really like to sleep a little bit longer, even if it’s just ten minutes. And if I wanna have it a little more flashy, it takes up more time and doesn’t always look the way I intended. Well, not everyone can be a make-up artist. The instant make-up box would be a great time saver and good for those of us who don’t always get it right or wanna try complicated designs.

A friend of mine reminded me of something I wanted to write here too. Do you know the episode of The Simpsons (The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace) where Homer tries to invent different things? He also invents the make-up gun. Hilarious but brilliant idea. I know the cosmetic industry already treads on a similar but less clownlike way. There are products which apply eye shadow in various designs and colours. Here is an example, the colorOn Professional Instant Eye Shadow Applicators. But it’s only eye shadow and it is usable only once, then you have to buy a new one. And the designs are not really my style. It just looks like too much. However, it’s a good first step. Now add mascara, eyelid liner and the easy-to-use instant box for the application and you make a lot of women happy.

Dear cosmetic industry, my wish for you today is to produce an instant make-up box and help all the women out there not to have any more bad-make-up-days.


a woman


PS: The picture above bad day was found on © Christoph Ruhland.

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