Poem for Nori

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To handle the sorrow over the death of my beloved cat Nori, I wrote a little poem for him and made a little slide show with a selection of his pictures.

You can find much and more in my Flickr album „Cats, cats, it must be cats“

And now, read on, this is for everybody who wants to remember him as we had the luck to know him.


Dancing through the garden

with soft noses and velvety paws

my world was whole

and then one had to go.

It was our special guy

a jewel found in the dirt

an unparalleled being

gave us so much.


First thought as girl

raised up into a big boy

soft and fluffy fur

you could grasp at night.

White with some black spots

his outer and inner

sometime on edge and sometime a chiller

never failed showing his presence.


Named like a seaweed

made himself some new spots

needed much loving

claimed our bodies and souls.

Some things were his wonders

his own body above all

he had a sweet tooth

and some troubles on the way.


Not lucky with birds and bees

brought us presents

in his very own way

loved hands to rest in.


Much meowing and purring

kept our eyes on him

an adorable goofball

always there with us.


You were so much more

more than a cat

a friend, a companion

part of our family.

We were so sure of you

now you’re not there

feels like you’re just out of town

when stops the pain?


Without you the time goes on

it seems unfair and surreal

wish you could be here

we were so lucky to have you.

We miss you, little one

miss your welcomes

your songs and touches

miss you by our side.


One last time we felt you

asleep in your blanket

you looked like an angel

sleep tight, my Nori.

All the songs sing of you now

everywhere we see your face

in our hearts you’re alive

we’ll find you someday… over the rainbow.

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  1. Beloved memories will stay.

  2. Yes, forever.

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