My New Year’s resolutions

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"Fly a higher game" © ashesdream, Creative Commons Licence CC BY-NC 2.0

„Fly a higher game“ © ashesdream, Creative Commons Licence CC BY-NC 2.0









So here I am, in the year 2013, looking back. It was a hectic year and as always much faster gone by than the year before. Will it ever stop getting faster, I wonder?

I have always a lot on my mind, a lot things I wanna do and too little time. But after all, what is a mind without the pursuit of something? So, these are my New Year’s resolutions:

  • finish all 6 blog articles in progress from 2012 and do more new ones
  • bake Ninjabread Man with my new cookie cutters
  • make it snow (come on, temperature, drop already, do as I say now!)
    – spend a weekend with my honey at Harz
    – there go tobogganing with my new sledge
    – and make a snow figure, maybe a snow Totoro
  • save money for a new laptop
    – then buy one
    – and record another song or best 3 more (planned: Hikari – Aoi Teshima; Set Fire to the Rain – Adele; maybe a Jazz standard)
  • become a better Shinobi
  • play more with my new music buddies from Bujinkan
  • practice piano: improve one old song and learn „Frühlingsnacht“ by Robert Schumann
  • knit a loop scarf or crochet a cap
  • pursue writing a novel
  • bake more Macarons
  • but still loose some pounds
  • gain a better balance between home-friends-interests-work
  • and at last but not least: find inner peace and satisfaction, especially with the way I’m constantly going on

You see, I have a lot to do and wanna fly a higher game. Let’s see if I can reach it. 🙂

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Or do you wanna skip those things not to stress you more?

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  1. After realising I only finished two of my ten resolutions from last year, I decided I won’t have any this year. Except for learning one new thing and make the world a little better…

  2. However, those are two good and not so little resolutions of yours. 🙂

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