How to get our money – The principle of obsession

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Do you know the Disney movie „Frozen“? Do you know the song „Let it go“ from the soundtrack? Well I didn’t and still became obsessed with it.

Let me tell you the whole story. I like to listen to all the talented YouTube singers and musicians. A lot of them cover recent pop songs. As I listened along one song caught my ear. It was covered by many many singers.


For example these:

I got addicted to the song, I just couldn’t stop listening, over and over again, even in the office, my poor colleague. 😉 Finally, I wanted to know the original. I found it on YT too:

Let it go by Idina Menzel

It is a video clip of the movie. It is just so captivating. It got me hooked completely. I bought scores for piano and not just one since there are two versions. I just had to own both the movie version sung by Idina Menzel and the single version by Demi Lovato. I started to play it at home and sing along, every day, some times over and over. Again, my poor boyfriend.

But this still wasn’t enough. I listen to music on my iPhone on the way to work or where else I use the metro. So I bought both versions on iTunes. And since already one song was awesome, I listened to the whole soundtrack on YouTube and bought some more songs on iTunes.

I still haven’t watched the movie yet. But I have to, I absolutely have to! It is already half a year old and my local cinema plays it on times I have to work. So I’ll wait for the movie to be available for buying and I will give Disney more of my money.

I must have annoyed a lot of my fellow men but wow, am I happy to hear the song, every time again. It gives me the feeling to be able to do anything and be myself. And the money I spent, I spent gladly.

So, my point? There is nothing wrong in art to be used by other artists, nothing wrong in art to be free. You have to hook up the people in order to gain money. Learn how to make the user obsessed. You have to let them try and test for free. It is the honest way. If the product is good, they will want to pay. They will want to see/hear/feel the original. Let this be heard throughout the music, movie business and every form of art where there are too many restrictions. Let there be more Kickstarters, Patreons or the like.

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